Innovative Urban Lighting – Group 1 | Week 4 | Discussion with Master students

This week we had the review with Product Design Master students. We presented our  ideas and analysis before discussing their initial thoughts on what we are planning to achieve. Also this week, we had a first look at some of the Philips products to get an idea of the quality and sizes of lighting available.

It was useful to gain an insight into how the product design students would approach this project, and the concerns they prioritise. They were to do with the right material being used, the technical side of how the fitting would work and cost, areas that I would normally consider at a later stage. 

Materials and cost were key talking points in this session, it was also useful to have the products physically in front of us during the session, as it was easier to get a sense of the weight and size of them when compared to just a photo.



Following the feedback from the master student, we realised the materials they were providing us were too big. They were also concerned with the placement of the lighting so it prevents the light from shining into peoples faces.    



We looked further into Philips range of lighting, which included outdoor luminaries, indoor luminaries and projection lighting. From this we looked into 4 different lights including: C splash 2, colorReach PowerCore Gen2 and ColorBurst PowerCore Gen2. We discussed each light and talked about size, function and what we like and disliked about them.



During this week we gathered further precedents and especially started looking at different ways to install the lights on site giving us a few options to choose and move forward from. We started looking at bollards as this would be directly related to the site context.


The main thing we were looking at is the bollards that exitsed on site and therefore we looked at bollard precedents.

The above precedents are referenced below in order from left to right

1 – LED bollard by The light yard

2 – Exterior Lights UK Rusted steel, free-standing down light bollard

3/4 – The Falkirk Wheel By Tony Kettle




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