Brick Group A – Week 3

Week 3 – We had our clay induction with Claire Walton.

During the induction Claire spoke about the basics about clay and also health and safety. Also we was shown how to hand-throw clay.

IMG_3345 (1)

Firstly, we clamped the mould in place and shaped the clay into the shape of the mould so that it is easier. Then we started to roll the clay out, by rolling the clay the pressure allows the clay to be pushed all the way down into mould.

After doing the rolling pin method, the clay didn’t go all the way through the mould. So on the second attempt we decided to add water to the clay, which made it easier to shape and apply pressure to the clay.



Group entry – Sohail Dad, Muhammad Arslan Javaid, Rebecca Nguyen and William Haynes.

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