Scene 1 Installation – Frames.

In this meeting, group 1 and group 5 liaise together to form one idea for the beginning of the play to the end. We had to create an installation that would work together for both groups. As the first scene is outside, the fifth (last) scene will also finish outside. We had worked together for half an hour to come together to create a piece that would both be different for each scene, however also work together to help save time, materials and movement.


The idea merged was ‘frames’, we wanted to show one side of a frame in how the story was plotted and set at that time (the occurancies that were happening in scene one), to which then the frames would flip and show what has happened and changed from scene one into scene five.

We had worked in cohesive to see how this would work, we tried everything from mesh materials to finally deciding on projection.

This idea is still in progress.

Group 1: Kiren Chanderh

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