Meeting Group 1

We had collated a short meeting to arrange some thoughts and ideas into our concept. Each group have to come up with a concept idea and to talk throughly about their findings and justification to their design.

In our findings we sought out what was good with the initial ideas and what could have been improved to help us reach achievable goals. As a group we all shared similar ideas, which we had to narrow down to a finalised concept design. We all analysised our individual ideas as a group to understand our thinking process, this helped us to break down different ideas and approach them in a more lucid way; ‘anything is doable’ – kind of approach.


Our first initial ideas had started by manipulating light and shadows, by blinding the audience and confusing them. We wanted to work with light, as we found it most appealing to the site we had and also having the first scene, we wanted to our scene to capture the audience. We came up with many successful ideas from this meeting, allowing us to merge our ideas together.


Our main idea had derived from a plastic bottle in the middle of the courtyard. We had looked into the pro’s and con’s of this idea and realised there were too many helath and safety issues. We also looked into sensory emotions, we wanted to create an atmospheric space, however due to our scene being outside, we felt that the smell emotion would be lost in the air.

This meeting had opened us up and we had explored many different ideas and how they would work. We had consulted together to come up with some improvements and part-finished ideas.

– Group 1: Kiren Chanderh

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