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We are really excited to announce detail of our next major project….

In what is possibly our most complex collaborative project to date, we aim to inspire the next generation of designers and makers through the acts of Play, Make, Build. Play is an important part of childhood and the project wants to push these seemingly innocuous activities into something informative and inspirational for children and families.

Futuremakers is an exhibition and participatory programme hosted by mac Birmingham, the regions most popular arts venue, and a national leader in developing work with children, families and young people of all backgrounds. The exhibition will present a number of historical and contemporary examples where play forms an integral part to a creative act or outcome.

Alongside the display, an evolving participatory programme runs for 6 weeks involving 3 maker residencies (including ourselves) located within the gallery itself. We shall be running a number of school workshops (as well as open to the public) to design and build a number of temporary pavilions to occupy the public spaces in and around the mac buildings and extending into the park.

venue: mac Birmingham, Cannon Hill Park.
Dates: exhibition opens 17th June // residencies 10 July-18 August // closing event 30th August.

All participating artists, designers and exhibitors to be announced soon.
Visit the website here

Originally conceived as Pavilions project by Trevor Pitts and Matthew Higginbottom.

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