‘The King and I’ – Derrick Horta

An opportunity arose to exhibit a new piece of work which aligned with our project brief at an exhibition entitle ‘The King and I’ which was a series ‘of artists responses to the current presence in Leeds of Nicholas Monro’s sculpture of King Kong, on the steps of the Henry Moore Institute’ Derrick Horta.


Derrick Horta, curator of the exhibition was also clearly enthusiastic about this opportunity and could see the relationship between the original piece of work by Nicholas Monro and the theme of this years modern gazetteer project.

We used the software program Agisoft PhotoScan which is a stand-alone software product that performs photogrammetric processing of digital images to capture a 3D digital representation of Nicolas Monroe’s sculpture.

King Kong 3

The artwork that was exhibited was called ‘Downtown is for Primates’ and was produced by myself and Mike Dring.  Using the process of photogrammetry a digital re-production was created of Nicholas Monro’s sculpture and was displayed using digital media projection onto a wall within the exhibition space.

Derek Horta

During the creation of the piece of artwork, copyright issues were raised and at one point it seemed highly possible that we would not be allowed to produce the intended artwork.  Following discussions it was agreed that the artwork could be produced and displayed at the exhibition.  Negotiations are still taking place to secure the artworks hosting on Scan the World.

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