Casting process

A blog post reviewing the casting process from the first attempts of the physical model making 
Following our first casting session where we create a master mould from the 3D model, we then created replicates of the 3D model using expanding foam. Unfortunately as the first model was taken out of the mould too soon it warped (see below). As a precaution, the second model has been left in the mould for the duration of this week to hopefully prevent any warping from occurring. Please see below for last weeks progress.

The mould was cut in half to help remove the 3D model.

In some areas the 3D model and rubber had fused together, some corrective work was undertaken to ensure the replicate models were accurate.

Once the expanding foam quantities were measured and mixed, it was quickly poured into the mould. The expanding foam developed in roughly 20 minutes.


Overall the expanding foam was a quick and accurate material to use, you can see below the detail on the facade is replicated clearly. However warping did occur.

To summaries, the models came out in a good and fairly consistent condition. There were many lessons learnt during the process but overall the imperfections of each model helped give character to each model and enhanced the theme of ‘copying’.

Rachel Sherman

All images by self.



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