Mini Museums: Design Process

To help with our designs we had set up an interview with Andy Fowles, the curator of the Mini Museum Story. We had prepared a series of questions to ask and chosen a suitable location at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. We talked about the best ways to gain a child’s attention and what kind of spaces would be most suitable for them.

Quotes from the interview:

“Things that would make viewing a totally different experience”

“What is the most radical you can be”

“Theres always a mixture of made, natural and scale”

“Kids want to look up, think how I can get there, what is that up there?”

“Think more sculpturally to the idea of explaining connections then formally looking at walls”

“The idea of looking up, looking down, exploring underneath is an achievable thing with the room”

Andy gave us some great ideas and helped us move along with our concepts.

After looking into many different childrens books and films like Alice in Wonderland and Narnia, we looked at the different settings and thought how they could be incorporate into our designs.

It was then decided to call our exhibition ‘Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf’ based around a children’s  book, having the themes of forest, animals and growth.RED_LEAF_YELLOW_LEAF

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