Mini Museum: Room Analysis

We started off the project by picking our story. We had chosen Mini Museum as our group found it more interesting and challenging to design for children. After visiting the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery we then analysed our chosen room for the story.

Photocallage.jpgPhotocallage copy 2.jpg

Looking into the colour palettes and materials of the room we found that the deep dark skirting board and the grey ceiling, gave the white walls a prominent framed effect. Emphasising the display.movement options.jpg


With out chosen room we found that is was most suitable for the Mini Museums as this room is very central in the building. It is positioned in between two other rooms giving it two entrances.

For the movement analysis of the room we showed the most popular routes within the room. With out results we found that some of the people didn’t go further into the room and mainly used that room as a quick access to the other side of the building.

Photocallage copy.jpg

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