Identifying Key Issues

Knowledge exchange aims to build upon the relationship between practice and academia, allowing our Co Lab group to focus on elements of our individual practices which we believe should be addressed. Issues highlighted within the practice could range from; work processes, marketing, design standards and staff management.


Knowledge Transfer


For our first meeting we each brought key items we believed could be the focus of our Co Lab module. I work for ADP architecture, with 7 offices across the country it enables the practice to have a diverse project portfolio, whilst also maintaining a local touch from each studio. During my time at ADP, I have also worked on projects for CORDE. CORDE is a company that brings together ADP (architecture), AKS Ward (Structural) and KJ Tait (MEP). By uniting each element of design, the traditional ‘silos’ approach is avoided and instead teams work closely together coordinating projects.

The issues I highlighted were as follows:

  • Project design reviews
  • Technical Staff
  • Sector knowledge transfer across studios
  • Integration of multi-disciplinary staff

It was decided that I would focus on how new CORDE staff would be integrated into existing ADP studios, as this has currently only been done in the Birmingham studio. This would enable me to use lessons learned and implement this into documents and processes required to be in place for inductions, as well as project briefs and work stages.

Jade Sturmey – PT2

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