Transit Spaces 09.01.17

In this first Co:Lab meeting we went through the aims of the project and what our intentions and outcomes are to be.

We discussed what we believe a Transit Space to be, and what makes a successful and unsuccessful transit space, giving examples of spaces which demonstrated the aspects we found to be successful and unsuccessful to depict what it is that determines this. The examples given varied from Train Stations, Airports, Bus Stations and Terminals.


As a group we established that daylight/artificial light, natural ventilation, nature (i.e. plants) ventilation, warmth and open space all contribute to creating a comfortable and pleasant transit space. However, we also established that such aspects are dependent on the target group, and therefore not all of these aspects would always be applicable.

From this we began to explore what it is about these aspects which we find interesting and would like to take forward and research.


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