100 Stories Jewel in the Crown: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Visit

After a tour of the gallery and exploring the story options and spaces for the exhibitions we decided as a group on ‘The Jewel in the Crown’. We chose this story from the others because of the interest the group accumulated towards pre and post-colonial India. As well as that we also decided that the artefacts shown alongside the brief mustered interest between members, and in regards to that so did the rich history of South Asia as a civilisation.


We then carried out various investigations of textures, colour, movement and photographic samples to build our knowledge about different aspects of the room and it’s functions.

After analysing the movement, texture and colour of the allocated room we then diagrammed our findings to create a source of understanding and to represent how our room worked and the potential it had.

(Listed below is a range of images analysing the room)


A collage of the interior space was created, encapsulating the richness of the materiality and atmosphere of the room…




During the first visit of our designated space we mapped out the circulation of people that entered the rom and tried to assess why they did and what their thought process was from the trail of movement they left.



Here is a diagramming of potential movement from the entrance of the museum and the route someone would take to reach the room. We recorded that this would very likely be the last stop for visitors as it is situated near an exit. At this point a lack of interest/fatigue could set it, causing visitors/viewers to skim past and aim towards the exit. However within the rom remained a set of pews, the existing set up of the room gave opportunity for visitors to take a moment and view comfortably. (As pictured in on site images)



The colours and textures within the room are enhanced as rich and neutral.

A colour wheel and textures were created from our first visit to the gallery space. As a group and during the first visit we discussed how these colours and textures could probably affect the display of the Jewel in the Crown artefacts and how they would link so the interior would highlight the chosen artefacts.












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