IBStock Visit

Session: 26th January 17

Session Overview

This week as a group we visited the Ibstock Atlas Factory in Aldridge, Walsall. We had a small introduction to the site as well a video which which described the two main methods of brick assembly. This was followed by tour of the factory floor, taking us through the processes of production from the collection of clay in the quarry to the the distribution ready products. We also had a short tour from the specials expert who was very willing to share some of his knowledge and experience with us. All the bricks made at this factory are produced via the extrusion process.



The Process:

  1. Clay extraction from Quarry “winning” – using a hopper
  2. Put into a mixing pan – mixed with water
  3. Fed into double shafted mixer – Mixed to still consistency
  4. Pushed into extruder – compressed through barrel (extruded) as continuous column

At this point it can be dyed/smoothed/sand blasted via mechanisms along extrusion line

  1. The continuous column is cut into regular brick size + 10% (to account for drying & firing shrinking)
  2. Loaded onto pallets ready for drying


Full IBStock process explained here


*Extrusion process in factory*

Images (left to right)

  1. Mixer into extruder 
  2. extrusion coming onto conveyor belt 
  3. Spray Dyes 
  4. Rollers for indentations 
  5. Small selection of the variety produced at Aldridge factory
  6. Firing Kiln  



Group Members:  Greg, Kyle, Paula, Simon & Tapi

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