47 Times: Chapter Structure


We can reveal a bit more information today on our book 47 Times Together as we have been able to make (slow) progress on editing the content.

The objective of the book still remains undefined, and will probably remain so until closer to the publication date: is it a summary of what we have done? Or a critical reflection on our outcomes and process? Perhaps it should be more about the conceptual or theoretical framework we have set up rather than the projects themselves?

Either way, the publication will be a record of the first 5 years of Co.LAB (2011-16), making references to some of the more valuable of the 47 collaborative projects we have completed during that time.

The structure of this publication will be split into four distinct sections:

Together introduces the initiative in detail, reflecting on the collaborative practice employed over the years and how the pedagogic practice has evolved relating to its context and participants.

Display presents a number of key projects and process as a series of photo essays. The visual language Co.LAB has developed is rooted in historical precedents.The resulting aesthetics threads a narrative to portray student productivity alongside the wider culture of the region as a centre of craftsmanship, innovation and manufacturing.

Legacy collates archival information, placing Co.LAB’s activity in a broader historical context of the school’s on-going relationship with the city. It emerged as a place for collaboration and entrepreneurship that proved fruitful for the department in the early 1950’s.

Continuing. We don’t propose a manifesto, but summarise a series of ‘tactics, strategies and operations’ in the closing essay.

It is impossible to illustrate all of our 47 projects so far – and this number is already growing. So we’ve developed a filing system for each individual book holder to collate his or her preferred projects to go inside. The four sections are interspersed with student contributions throughout, with which this publication could not happen without. It showcases their creativity, imagination, skill and ultimately, their commitment to an idea that will continue to advance in pursuit of our collaborative spirit.

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