Latrine Dream?

2.4 billion people lack access to basic sanitation.

663 million people lack access to safe water.

Our Co.Lab intends to explore the conditions of global sanitation and the issues surrounding and contesting it, we’ll be drawing on themes such as water scarcity, urban densities and rural migration to help inform the project. The project aim is to explore, develop and eventually create a model of a decentralized sewage system that can be replicated and installed into multiple villages in China.

Before this though we need an understanding of the challenges and complexities of the subject, so to help we’ve broken it into a few subject areas to focus on initially;

  • Global conditions. How is the world addressing poor sanitation?
  • Local conditions. How do different countries respond to issues of sanitation?
  • Micro conditions. How have individuals/communities answered sanitation problems?

We’ll begin with global conditions and work our way towards the micro, linking the information we’ve found at each stage. The next stage then will be to research and critique some existing decentralized sanitation systems. How do they work? Who do they serve? How have they responded to the local conditions? What was the cost? How was the methodology applied? By analyzing a series of case studies and weaving them into the subject areas above hopefully we’ll be able to identify key sanitation problems and solutions.








Typical rural Chinese toilet block (Shishizhen)
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