Project Launches for 2016-17

It has been a while since our last post on the blog. It seems like all of our posts start with that phrase but this time it really has – almost a year. We’ve had a bit of a refresh and uploaded some completed collaborations ready for the start of the new academic year. There are a few changes in the module format this year. We are to separate part time postgraduate participation to give them focussed projects in areas that help develop their unique position between working in practice and continuing academic study. The full time undergraduate and postgraduate students will start their Co.LAB projects in January.

For now, we have 4 projects to kick off with (all for MArch part-time cohort):

  • Latrine Dream – developing a design for a decentralised sewage system to be implemented in rural Chinese villages. Partners – Urban Synthesis China, Zigong City local authority.
  • Knowledge Exchange *NEW* – projects negotiated between students and their employers, looking at implementing strategic issues on design management, innovative design practices and integrating new technology.
  • Expanded City – developing a public installation using digital scanning and archival research to collate over 2000 models of the city. Partners – Argent, RIBA West Midlands, with Birmingham Modernist Society
  • Aluminium Tectonics – prototyping a full scale cladding system in collaboration with artists James Langdon and Peter Nencini as part of  Eastside Project’s Production Show. Partners – James Langdon, Peter Nencini, Eastside Projects, Ash & Lacy System
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