TITLE: Modern Gazetteer – Interpreting the Public Arts Commissions Agency Archive
LOCATION: Birmingham City Centre
COLLABORATORS: BA (Hons) Art & Design, BCU Art and Design Archive, Eastside Projects, Birmingham Civic Society
PROJECT TYPE: Research & Investigation

In the spirit of the Gazetteer, projects are responsive to site, and place an emphasis on researching and revealing information in the broadest sense through the engagement of regional community partners, at sites of national and international importance.

In this, its fifth iteration, the gazetteer responded to the Birmingham Big Art Project, a project by the Birmingham Civic Society with Eastside Projects as Commissioning Agent, who aim to commission an internationally acclaimed public art work to be completed by April 2018.

The context for initial investigations was to explore artefacts in the Public Art Commissions Agency (PACA) archive held at Birmingham City University’s Art & design Archive, a record of the activities and research of the organization during almost 15 years from the mid 1980s onwards. Students investigated the term ‘structure’ in developing ideas around how art is presented to the public, and the very organization of PACA and its archival holdings – the archive is both subject and site.

Student presented their findings through a series of interpretive prints during term 1, shared later with students of art and design in making collaborative proposals for an exhibition support structure.




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