PROJECT PAGE: Minerva Works



TITLE: Minerva Works Creative Economy
LOCATION: Warwick Barr
COLLABORATORS: MAAP, ISIS Waterside Regeneration
PROJECT TYPE: Strategic Design

The area of Digbeth, just adjacent to the east of Birmingham City Centre, is a post-industrial Landscape with a unique mix of typologies and materiality, largely relating, at least in its initial progress to the C17th boom in industry and canal engineering. Once a bustling mixing-pot of processes fueling the world’s first industrial revolution, now an ad-hoc composition of light/fabrication based industries and an increasingly significant arts and creative businesses sector (inc. art, graphics, architecture, independent and alternative clothing, food, furniture, skateboarding and other related ‘alternative’ culture stores).

This research project provided the opportunity to investigative the Minerva Works facility and how it links to wider Digbeth and important nodes within Birmingham. The investigation formed the basis for a design strategy embracing the invisible exchanges that occur between the creative community and a landscape design to improve orientation around the site for visitors.


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