Aluminium Tectonics- Concept and Configurations

In line with the brief as a group were looking to design a façade for the Birmingham conservatoire. We began to look into sound waves, triangular sound waves in particular. Taking the simple triangular form forward we looked at how the size and depth could be varied in order to portray the pitch and depth of a sound. We modelled these triangular elements from paper and then in card. We then looked at how we configure these to represent sound traveling and sound distribution. From our first concept model we looked at how these triangular elements could be fixed a façade panel and tie the musical theme back into the design and so we looked at the triangular elements representing musical notes on stave lines.

After deciding on three depth and sizes for each triangular elements we used 2mm solid aluminium to model these using the cutting and bending machines to see what these elements would look like at a scale of 1:1.



Concept model- Triangles representing notes on stave lines





Aluminum and card 1:1

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