Digital Fashion/ Task 1/ Zoe

What first interested me in the digital fashion was the intrigue on how digital software can aid both the design abilities and processing time within the fashion sector. I began to look into the art of origami and how fabric/ material can be turned into a 3D element by the art of folding.

christian dior haute, spring 2007

Above – Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring 2007

There are several precedents to this within the fashion world such as the images posted. However how would it work if a folding pattern could be introduced on CAD, with both etching and scoring the material to allow for a reduced time period in producing a garment.

calvin klein, spring 2009

Above – Calvin Klein, Spring 2009


To begin with I took a simple pattern of origami – the 5 petal flower – followed the manual folding instruction to work out where the fold lines were. From this I then developed the net into CAD, working out which faces of the net were the petals and adding a hatch onto these areas to add another dimension to the design.



Below is the product of these CAD nets. It would be interesting to further develop this idea so that the net was for a larger piece of material and from that, the fashion students were able to use the piece of material to create a garment.




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