Digital Fashion / Workshop 2 / Marc

3D Response Workshop

This workshop was to encourage us to engage with fabric in a similar carefree abstract way of the 2D workshop. Due to its nature, this process of cutting and inserting isn’t familiar in many facets of architecture and on a much smaller scale (in line with this exercise), model making is generally a cautious and often delicate process. This was a new experience for the architecture students.

The aim for us Architecture students was to get a slight understanding of the process of cutting and stitching fabric and for me I found it a useful exercise. I hadn’t considered the methods of marking, cutting, measuring, sewing and manipulating the materials before and although straight forward enough I would have found tricky without this insight.

The process involved cutting across a garment and inserting a particular shape of contrasting material. We did this twice which generated some interesting patterns albeit not the easiest to work with and re stitch and the group seemed quite pleased with the result.

2015-11-04 12.35.18

The original Garment

Image 12015-11-04 12.49.55

Marking and cutting the 1st material insert

2015-11-04 12.56.59

Pinning the 2 materials together

2015-11-04 13.13.55

1st insert complete

Marking the 2nd cut

2015-11-04 13.39.35

Stitching the 2nd addition

2015-11-04 13.51.37

Final piece – front

2015-11-04 13.51.47

Final piece – back

2015-11-04 13.56.09

The `Collection`

The next 3D workshop will be of a similar nature but we aim to use a more architectural material. I hope to use a steel mesh which is quite ridged however using this cutting and stitching process it might help give it more fabric like qualities.

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