PROJECT PROFILE: Stirchley High Street


LOCATION: Stirchley, Birmingham
COLLABORATORS: Lifford Business Association
TYPE: Urbanism, Research, Design and Feasibility

Very much a strategic project, the process undertook an analysis of the area to create a design brief for the future development which aim to improve the built environment of Stirchley High Street. The physical scale of the project area will need to consider the S106 budget from recent local developments, so that the location and dynamic of any proposed improvements is realistic and achievable.

Contextual analysis for the project considered social, aesthetic and economic considerations and the strong relationship between them. Students brought a wide range of approaches to community participation to gain a strong understanding of local opinion including online campaigns, public surveys and archival research.

With the work undertaken, it is envisaged that final design issues such as exact location, function, design quality can be lobbied for and influenced through the canvasing of local opinion. This activity illustrates the ability to provide positive change to the built environment through alternative modes of design procedures with public participation working alongside local authorities and large corporations.

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