PROJECT PROFILE: Malvern Outdoor Dinning Hall

Pages from Malvern Hills Final Document_Alina Voinescu_13183750-2

LOCATION: Malvern Hills
COLLABORATORS: Malvern Outdoor Elements
TYPE: Design Feasibility

Co.LAB worked with Malvern Outdoor, the largest outdoor adventure organisation in the West Midlands, set within  an area of outstanding natural beauty. The facility was established in the 1970’s and is based around a number of timber cabins housing accommodation, services and recreational activities in separate structures. Due to increased visitor numbers, Malvern Outdoor wanted to redevelop some of their oldest buildings with the first phase to concentrate on the dining hall.

A new-build structure is to be built on a new footprint to accommodate up to 80 guests and host large events with a fully functioning kitchen and amenities. The proposal had to negotiate a steep site incline and respond to prominent views over the Malvern Hills. Students investigated important site conditions before developing two proposals, each with distinct design features that respond to the unique rural setting.

Malvern Outdoor is now looking at fundraising opportunities to develop the proposal towards planning permission.

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