Will I ever reach Zero Carbon?| Wadzanai C Mhuka

Picture2When told we would be given  a Victorian House as our model to make zero carbon it was almost laughable. How does one go about making such a building sustainable but also keeping the aesthetic of it? This collaboration was not simply about sticking on some solar panels and solving the issue. it was more about actually thinking about the building’s fabric and the possible impact that anything we add into it would have. Bearing this in mind I began on a ‘search for zero carbon’.

This search consisted of many wrong turns and dead-ends. This was mostly because of occasional glitches within the software which tended to not accept the figures I gave it.

Succeeding through the glitches I had to make a few decisions about how I would approach the changes in the building. (This is when I turned to my guides the MARCH student teacher). Given a formula for addressing the task, I continued on.


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