EPSON MFP imageEPSON MFP image The images above demonstrate our first insights from our first group session. We created a mind map after our initial site visit to the Paradise Forum. Looking into the buildings different usability, maintainability, potential and loses. It was mostly our first time visiting the Paradise Forum in a thorough manner which gave us an opportunity to evaluate it open mindedly.

Initial idea on the sculpture that best represents the propsal we created Initial idea that we thought represented the proposal well. It consists of cubes that measure 20x30x20cm that builds up to 3m with and entrance that fits one person in a squeezed entry. It has one open light source at the top while the rest of the sculpture remains dark.


We later developed the sculpture with this model made from plasticine. It was later decided that more light gaps to be added between cubes for more lighting since the top one wasnt enough. 


The plasticine model showing the light at the top.

tumblr_nig402avIZ1u2eqwgo1_1280 tumblr_nig402avIZ1u2eqwgo2_1280tumblr_nig402avIZ1u2eqwgo3_1280tumblr_nig402avIZ1u2eqwgo4_1280The final design presented at the formative review featured cardboard. With the same measurements mentioned above. As shown on the 3D images of the sculpture, the entrance forces you to squeeze your self into a small space. This uncomfortable experience is what we thought portrays the Paradise Circus atmosphere.


tumblr_nj5e3vQpPT1u2eqwgo2_1280 tumblr_nj20474i8J1u2eqwgo10_1280tumblr_nj5e3vQpPT1u2eqwgo3_1280

We decided to use wooden cast plaster to get an idea of how it would look because the final sculpture will be made with concrete. This was used our final outcome.

The final outcome of the project we decided that we should add texture to the cubes while maintaining its form.  We chose to do a rectangular shaped blocks because it represents the shape of the forum’s structure. This second design shows one side of the block being carved into it to present the look of book ends. This therefore links it to the forum as the old library and one of the books will have ‘Paradise Lost’ carved into them. 70 blocks would have to be created to make the sculpture out of concrete. Since they are solid blocks they can be stacked without any support required.

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