We have been dealing with students who are very much interested in pursuing Architecture post school.We have met in 3 occasions and each meeting had an experience of its own.Our initial experiences were completely about giving tutorials and assisting the students.We were amazed looking at the amount of knowledge they procured about the field of architecture and their creative strategies.

The colloboration was about assisting and acquiring teaching experience and also learning about the different parameters the students visualize.We had a mix of students in which few were interested in Architecture ,and in specific were interested in interior design and the other branch was product design.

What was interesting for us to notice was that ,though the fields are completely different from each other ,the way they are processed and analysed are every bit the same during the initial stages.It was very interesting to look at the modes of representations by means of drawings and sketching.As a part of this we introduced studio culture and it was taken well by them.The students were interested to know about others design and the critiques given to them.f2660a3564969e083432499a2f7a61e0

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