Fatima Ladak // ZSP Analysis

A second proposal by ZSP was analysed in order to give feedback to the mosque members. As a group we analysed the design via the same four criteria as Broadway Malyan.

1. Access: They have reconfigured the vehicular access point, by entering from the north west of the parking area. There are now multiple access points into the mosque.

2. Parking: They have proposed 2 options, the first is a multi-storey car-park of 250 spaces the second is a split level of 182 spaces. Both do not in any way attempt to integrate with the mosque, it seems as though they are a structure on their own with no relation to the mosque.

3. Internal Spaces: Similar to Broadway Malyam they have expanded the day centre but have also designed a new extension onto the front of the mosque to house the separate marriage bureau, counselling rooms and classrooms. The mortuary has actually been repositioned and expanded to the east of the mosque, creating a sacred space of its own. It also extends onto the first floor as a mourning space. A new build has been designed to the west as a social hub, housing a café, shop and crèche. It seems as though instead of re-configuring the internal spaces efficiently, they have resorted to merely adding on new structures.

4. Aesthetics:ZSP have used the same brick and white render cladding, which integrates the entire design well. On the extension, a glass roof of geometric patterns has been designed which creates interesting shadows bellow. Neighbouring the new build, a ‘Spanish garden’ has been created; it is a place of sanctuary and relaxation, which is buffered from Belgrave Middleway by landscaping.

Overall I think between the 2 proposals, Broadway Malyam, seems to be the better option as it has not resorted to adding on unnecessary structures and has attempted to integrate the proposed car parking to the existing building through materiality and similar levels.ZSP AccessZSP ParkingZSP Internal SpacesZSP Aesthetics

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