Fatima Ladak // Broadway Malyan Analysis

Having been given a previous proposal submitted for the Central Mosque design, as a group we analysed four criteria: access to the site, parking spaces allocated, the internal spaces and the aesthetics.

Broadway Malyan:

1. Access points have primarily stayed the same, however, the existing disable parking has moved into the proposed car park.

2. The parking structure aligns itself to the existing levels of the mosque. The mosque is still positioned above and is therefore, the central focus while the parking is subservient. 3 storeys of parking with over 300 parking spaces are now allocated to the mosque. This correlates correctly with the interview comments. Each storey has access into the mosque.

3. Looking at their proposed ground floor plan, they have expanded the day centre, and positioned the classrooms and offices around it. It becomes an internal social hub. They have also answered the issue of separating the marriage bureau and the family support office. The mortuary has stayed in the same area but expanded. It is still directly next to the social community hall, possibly not ideal. A second lift has also been added.

The first floors main change is the addition of women’s ablution facilities and the second floor also does this, which correlates with the interview comments. A crèche facility has been added which was also a concern. But this has reduced the women’s prayer space, something that is not ideal. A new mezzanine has also been added to house the imam’s office and accommodation.

4. Aesthetics wise, a cladding ribbon based on geometric pattern wraps around the existing building onto the parking structure, which ties the two together.

BM AccessBM ParkingBM Ground FloorBM 1st & 2nd FloorBM Aesthetics

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