Matthew Evans- What I have learned Zero carbon sessions 1-4

During this colab series in zero carbon design we have been taught the programme IESVE which is a modelling system that allows users to produce buildings which are more environmentally efficient in design as the system tests the building using accurate and real factors and data that will effect any building over its lifetime.

So far we have learned how to draw a basic model of a house which includes doors windows and wall thicknesses. How to generate sun paths and shading from obstructive buildings. How to change the materials made up in certain elements like walls and windows. And also how to produce simple data of efficiency of the building we have drawn up.

After these sessions, it got me thinking of the bigger picture in terms of how else this programme could be used, for example detailed sun paths can be drawn up from it and used in site analysis which is very specific for the site due to the system modelling it on that area of you analysis. Shadows can also be drawn from it to also aid in site analysis and what features near your site shade the site.

I hope and I am quite positive in thinking that this experience will aid me in both my design and technology work and better improve my efficiency for my designs, which will therefore lead me to have a stronger concept of a design.

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