Student Feedback

Following the presentation of our initial ideas we consulted two groups of art students on what they wanted to see in the space, we asked them questions about hwo they used the space, if they liked the space, what would make them use the space more in addition to more specific ones regarding some of our initial concepts.

The conversation with the students was pretty useful. Ruled out some of our ideas and clarified what they wanted.
They seemed particularly keen on having their own working spaces where they could work alone if they wanted to. They said that they were told when applying to the course that they would be given theire own spaces that they can personalise (like the other art students do upstairs)… one of them used the term “home away from home”. They suggested things like having stacked pods to make use of the tall space (perhaps 10 or so pods each shared between 3 people). They said that they wanted larger storage spaces, as the lockers currently are too small to keep large format work (think this rules out some of our options).
They seemed keen on also having a fairly social space with kitchenette or just somewhere comfortable. They mentioend the chairs with no backs are unformfortable.
One of them also mentioned about having old wooden desks (maybe a clue as to what materials theyd like to see (reclaimed?))
From this we are able to focus more on what they want, as opposed to what we think they want.

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