Esqandar Zulqarnain // Depth of Vantage

Vantage & Heritage seeks out to allow the viewer a depth of perspective while interacting with the artwork. The exhibition frame works is a tribute to the Arts and Crafts movement as a remembrance Bournville’s past. The significance of portraying Arts and Crafts is that it was a promotion of economical and social reforms during those days. Craftsmanship is highly appreciated through beautiful ornamentation crafted by the very hands of the locals.

Exploring types and arrangements of frame work:

4  2   5

8 6 7

The exhibition framework is influenced by the art of bending wrought iron in the Arts and Crafts movement.

Arranged in a curved form, each artwork is separated by a towering frame and affects the movement of the viewers from piece to piece.

It can be viewed and interacted from within or from the outer ‘circle’

Further examples of proposed artwork:

IMAG0290 IMAG0285

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