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Bournville development has ben shaped in part by the influence of the city of Birmingham, within the boundaries of which it is now situated. George Cadbury made his first housing experiments in what was then a rural area and he originally conceived of bournville as a model village.

The trust set up by Cadbury in 1900 was formed to manage the Bournville Estate, the model housing development which he created near his factory on the outskirts of Birmingham. The object of the trust included the amelioration of the conditions of the working class population of Birmingham and elsewhere in Great Britain. Cadbury became the pioneer of town planning and his work on the Bournville estate became a model of ‘’how working people could be housed in pleasant and healthy surroundings, without being the objects of philanthropy, and how the evils he had encountered in 19thC Birmingham could be avoided’’

The model village and the houses has obviously changed as the years pass by, either the landscape, painting or human additions through technology.

This exhibition would go through the important layers of history of the domestic buildings(Cottages) in Bournville with the use of Linocut Print and showing the changes in Nature, Human additions(Landscape, Paint, Technology). The proposed aim is to preserve in our minds the importance of history and at the same time appreciate the work of Cadbury with Housing in Bournville.

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