Eleni Zorpa// Modern Gazetteer // Bournville

Eleni Zorpa// Modern Gazetteer // Bournville


Bournville was born around 1879 when George Cadbury dream become true. George Cadbury dream was to create a new innovation of the communities . This community gain was to provide to man and women workers and their families a good life environment, luxury houses with beautiful gardens. George Cadbury believes that people had to work in a beautiful area with a lot of open spaces and fresh air. Bournville life ‘it was always a part of the founders objectives that Bournville should develop into a happy, healthy, community ‘(J. and P. Branman , Postcard from Bournville , 1992 )Cadbury encourage people to use the open spaces and to participating in the activities of the community with their families.
In addition through the ‘ Social Mix : The Bournville experience ‘’ book is obvious that Bournville did not build by accident , authors mention that Bournville village build on a careful plan .G.Cadbury wanted to create a village where people from different income class would live together . Sarkinssan and Heine mentioned that ‘Bournville was a plan of mix community ‘(J. and P. Branman , Postcard from Bournville , 1992).The main plan of George was to create a range of neighborhoods where from different income classes can live together . The mix communities of Bournvile are obvious through the different sizes and types of houses .
When you walk in Bournville you can see a series of different house design . For example if you walk cross the Bournville lane you can see in the left side of the road some new cottage and on the right side small bungalows. The mix community unchanged through the years and are obvious in different part f Bournville as in Green Meadow road , Shenley road etc.
Based on above research I started to explore more the differences between the design and shapes of the houses in Bournville over the years. Through my work I want to show how architecture connects people from different income classes together, how this difference income classes of people influence community design as well?
The techniques which used for my work presentation is influenced by Robert Rauschenberg. Robert Rauschenberg is an American artist and sculptor .Rauschenberg use different techniques to present his work. The main characteristic of his work is the collection of the archival documents and how his present it through modern printing techniques. Robert collected historical photographs from archives and he present it through modern techniques.
Thus I tried to collect photographs from the archives or from different books which published in that period and connect it with Bournville view today .My main issue is to connect the old and new Bournville and show how the character and the picturesque of Bournville still the same until today ?How the sense of the mix community is still working and how all above is obvious through architecture.

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