Numan Hassan // Modern Gazetteer


Preservation can be defined as all managerial, technical and financial considerations applied to retard deterioration and extend the useful life of (collection) materials to ensure their continued availability. Bournville Village Trust had introduced a policy which stipulated that the use of UPVC for windows and doors would not be permitted on properties in Bournville Village Conservation Area. As a result, interpretation of mixed media technique became a platform presenting archives as memory for future. The idea is to justify how the eye moves through a scene, never quite recording the entire picture. Technique of sealing photographs in bottles might project various points of view for the viewers how photographs in the bottles reflect to them.





Cost Estimation per Structure:

1. Jar/Bottle 4×3 = 12 £ 1 £ 12
2. Timber 50 (m) £ 1.50/m £ 75
3. Wire / String 12 (m) £ 1.00/m £ 12
4. Printing A1 Gloss 6 sheets £ 8/ A1 £ 48
5. Mineral Oil 6 L £ 10/ L £ 60
TOTAL £ 207

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