Fatima Ladak // Birmingham Central Mosque

In preparation for our interviews with the client, as a group, we have formed a series of questions that engage the vision for the mosque within the next 50 years. I am aware that the clients wish to proceed with building as soon as possible, but, prompting discussions regarding long term plans will contribute to a more coherent brief for a long term vision of the mosque.

The following are the questions for the interview:

1. What facility and/or architectural feature of the mosque would you want to draw the most focus on in the new design?
2. What elements do you like of the current mosque that you would like to keep in the new design? Also, what elements would you like to change?
3. Have the public given their thoughts on what they would like to include in the plans of the new central mosque?
4. In the future mosque you envision, to what extent will the social spaces be utilised?
5. What should the inside of the mosque (prayer hall/generally) feel like? lighting, materials etc. Have you any specific examples you envisage it to be like?
6. In terms of the aesthetic features, is there a specific reference of region that the mosque should portray?
7. Would the mosque like to stand out or blend in with surrounding urban context?
8. Is it possible to get a calendar of the annual events that take place at the mosque?
9. Does the prayer hall need to be flexible as the full capacity will not always be utilised? (i.e. Friday Jumma prayers in comparison to other daily prayers) –  raises the issue whether expansions of the prayer hall may be lightweight or temporary structures.
10. In terms of parking, how necessary is it to increase the parking capacity? Won’t this encourage more people to drive to the mosque rather than use public transport.
11. Have there been incidents of tension or vandalism / attacks on the mosque? Generally: how does the mosque relate to its surrounding communities?

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