Jac Doody // Birmingham Central Mosque

church panorama

While looking into the surrounding urban context of the Mosque, it was interesting to see another religious building so close to it, this shot is taken from behind the mosque on the adjacent road, Conybere Street. The mosque is just visible through the foliage on the right hand side, although it would be more obvious if it had been a clear day, wishful thinking in October.

These two act as landmarks for the surrounding area, each striking in their own way, the church is ornately decorated similar to other churches of that time, the mosque is more modern as it was built in the 1960’s. But i think it could become more apparent in the surrounding skyline, the dome could be accentuated and minarets could be made taller to make more of an impact bar planning permission.

While looking at the surrounding area, we also went inside the mosque to investigate the interior and how the spaces were laid out, similar to the diagram I produced the levels were roughly set out how I had envisaged them from the information found. The second floor balconies look down onto the main prayer hall drawing the eye to the chandelier in the centre.


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