Preservation can be defined as  all managerial, technical and financial considerations applied to retard deterioration and extend the useful life of (collection) materials to ensure their continued availability. Good storage will promote collection well-being by minimising the risk of infestation, mould growth, water ingress/leakage and electrical fire. Shelving should be of inert material, and appropriate to the size of its contents. A good storage environment will also be clean, and the collections themselves should also be subject to regular cleaning as part of a regular maintenance programme.

An exploration of the mixed media technique as a platform to preserve archives as a memory for the future. The idea is to justify how the eye moves through a scene, never quite recording the entire picture. Perhaps it will be various point of view for the viewers how does photographs in the bottles reflect to them. An archival technique of sealing photographs in bottles which to connect what cannot be connected.

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