Ross Hetherington // Bournville Survey Rerun

Please Note: The questionnaire to follow is taken from the ‘Social mix: the Bournville experience’ it was a Bournville Village trust publication written by the South Australian Housing Trust. The questions must be seen in context as being written during the 1970’s and some questions may be seen as socially unacceptable, it is still important that the questions are asked in order to get a true comparison to present day. Certain questions have been omitted/modified for clarity but their meaning remains the same.

We are looking for residents of Bournville and its surround areas to respond to a rerun of a 1974 survey conducted by the South Australian Housing Trust (for the Bournville Village Trust) about what people think of the areas they live at different locations and times.

This survey is being conducted at part of the Co. Lab Modern Gazetteer module ( of the M.Arch course at the Birmingham School of Architecture (Birmingham City University.) As with the 1974 survey, this survey is being conducted at random houses and locations across Bournville.

The aim of the study is to inform content for an exhibition to be based around the idea of Bournville as an archive in 2014. The information collected from this survey will be anonymously used.

Take the Bournville Questionnaire – Social Mix SurveyFront Cover

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