Highbury Park – Craig Rigby – 5

Finally after months of work the project has taken shape and the Final Design has been created. Our final group design is all about three things interaction, habitation and succession. The Interaction side of the design is with the stepping stones idea. These stepping stones allows for the public to get closer to the pond and see what the pond has to offer up close. There was much debate about how the stones would look but we eventually have a concept where the stone would start quite refined and new looking and then progress to rougher stones to represent the history of the site. The habitation part of the project is with the planting that we have chosen with the design as the planting would provide areas for shelter and food and could attract many different wildlife species to the site which is great for enhancing the biodiversity of the site. The succession element of the project is at the back end of the site with the shelter areas for people to be able to go in and observe. Eventually these structures will become completely encased with planting and wildlife which will make the structures a part of the site instead of them dominating the environment.

Although I do like the final design, I still would have liked a height change in the design in order to give the visitors to the site a different height perspective and view. I wish I had tried to push the idea further but I respect and understand the group’s choice in wanting to continue the stepping stone out of the pond as this does make the design flow. I feel that the group have been successful in creating a strong final design for the project. Not all decisions in the project might have been in favouring of everybody but in the end we all come together to create this design which everybody seemed proud of. As well as the final design, the final presentation has also been completed and taken shape ready to present to the course leaders, client and group on the 20th March. The presentation should have taken place on the 4th March but due to some people not being able to make the presentation, it was rearranged for another day.

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