Hursh Kara – Rainwater Harvesting

Our group was split between (MArch) Architecture students and Undergrad Landscape students, this has helped a wide range of skills to filter within our project.

The rainwater harvesting system that we propose acts in different stages: collection of water, flow of water, storage tank design, filtration process, protection to clean water and irrigation mechanism that helps carry water to other parts of the park.

The most challenging aspect within our Rainwater Harvesting System to date has been trying to create a design that uses zero costs and natural resources that are available within the Park.

It is quite difficult to filter rain water which has many impurities however a filtration system based on the layering of sand, charcoal and gravel helps to provide clean water. To what extent you may be thinking? Our design proposal works alongside the basic principle of water flowing through the different layers providing a ‘sieve-like’ process that helps filter the water.

Our idea is to create a turbine which we think would act as a catalyst to speed the process of filtration by increasing the flow speed of water. In principle this idea works, but our group needs to test this process in order for us to implement it on our site at a lets stage.

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