Highbury Park – Craig Rigby – 4

Over the last two weeks of the project, we have collectively made great progress in the design for the viewing platform. In my last blog I was talking about how the group liked the concept design that I created with the different height perspectives but in the end this has not been continued into the finishing design. The original idea that we come up with was a stepping stone idea which are placed within the pond, which then lead to the raised platform area which I designed and then onto a succession area created by another member of the group. The new design which we have all decided upon is that the stepping stones should be continued from the pond to the land which will then lead to this succession, shelter area. Although I understand where the group are coming from with this final design, which I do like, I still believe that a different height perspective would add an interesting element for observation to the design and with underneath the structure adding to the habitation, I feel that the idea had potential. But the design wasn’t continued into the final design and I am happy with the design that we have put together so far.

Now we have designed the final viewing platform with the layout of the site, the group have decided to split up and start on different elements that are left to do on the project. Some members of the group are working on the graphic work to display and communicate the final design, some are working on the model and others have started work on the final presentation. My set work at this stage of the project is to start work on the presentation by researching into flowering and water plants which could be introduced to the design. We’ve decided on that the plants need to be non-invasive but I question whether we should have some invasive planting on the site, allowing the wildlife planting to progress naturally instead of people placing them in their places.

Tasks for next week:
• Complete Water Plant Research
• Complete Flowering Plants Research
• Research into the Maintenance of the site once the design is in place.
• Apply this information into a powerpoint.

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