Flatpack Palais – Assemble Workshop – Dan Bagnall

Assemble is a collective of architects, artists and designers, many of whom studied at the Cambridge School of Architecture together. They have completed a number of temporary projects, including The Cineroleum, a pop-up cinema based in a disused petrol station, which draws a number of parallels to this project.

Anthony Meacock from Assemble visited the Birmingham School of Architecture to share his knowledge of temporary projects in order to help in the design of the Flatpack Cinema. The points he shared included looking at the project as a whole, ensuring that all aspects of the project relate to one another and how important it is to share decision making between the whole group.

The tips received during the Assemble workshop led the exhibition group and seating group to combine designs, in order to achieve a greater cohesion of “the whole” as described by Anthony. The groups integrated their designs by attaching the exhibition boards to the rear panels of the seating. The advice helped iron out a number of design points, which may have otherwise gone unnoticed, allowing all groups to a greater understanding of the whole project, instead of a series of separate elements.

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