Tips from a film editor

Meeting with John today for filming tips. IMAG0139

1. Start filming the interview about 10 mins into the conversation once the interviewee is feeling relaxed and confident.

2. Only plan 3 questions, so the conversation doesn’t sound staged and is more spontaneous (answers are usually better this way).

3. Centre someones face using a grid (is possible) considering golden proportion. Their eyes should line on the top line and their left eye should centre the left line, or right eye the right line.

4. It is ok to ask closed questions. They help people to understand that the conversation is moving onto a different topic.

5. The light source should be behind you, but don’t forget to make sure the interviewee isn’t staring into the light. Unless you want a ‘squinty’ interview.

6. For interviews, film with 2 people. One to set up camera and film and the other to do the talking.

7. Get your background right. If filming against a wall make sure the perpective is decreasing out of the shot rather than into (it looks weird). Have an interesting background but not too busy. Sometimes the background can say a lot about the person you are interviewing.

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