Fayzul Rouf – Viewing Platform

So, initially when embarking on the journey on discovering the park, my group and I found many advantages and disadvantages related to the area. I won’t go into too much detail, but the main problem that seems to be associated with the site in my opinion was the lack of finances for maintenance. I decided to get this disadvantage and embed it within my design principles. The concept of succession struck me, when over a period of time a specie evolves. Furthermore during my primary research I came across a plant known as a “pioneer plant” these plants can survive in the harshest of conditions with very minimal intake. Therefore these plants seem to be the perfect match for the park as it has a lack of maintenance. The problem now is that these plants are not aesthetically pleasing. The solution to this problem tackles two different obstacles, firstly, when the plants eventually die, they leave nutrients behind in the soil which allows for more “evolved” forms to be born as they have a better source of nutrition. In addition, if the plants grow over a period of time, people are able to whiteness this, which allows the locals to feel a part of the part and is growth, which reduces the possibility of vandalism which is another major problem linked with the area. I gained inspiration from a site known as Cap De Creus  http://afasiaarq.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/emf-landscape-architecture.html  this site has a viewing platform integrated within the design but it also has several other components including seating areas and very interesting walkways, from this precedence, what I managed to gain was that, I do not necessarily need to create a platform that people can see out of, I can design something that becomes an object to view.   

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