Hursh Kara – Rainwater Harvesting

Water is a basic necessity. It is important to have an unlimited supply and you consider water to be of abundance in Britain and around the world, but how many of you really think about where your water comes from and how much you pay for water in your household. Do you think twice when buying a bottle of water? I’m sure like myself there are a lot of people who will consider buying a bottle of water just for its convenience compared to filling up water from your taps.

As the population increases in Britain, fresh water supply is depleting concurrently as there is a high rate of use. Allowing local water companies to dramatically inflate costs for fresh water supplies. But what if I was to tell you that rainwater harvesting systems can help keep water costs low and also help build a sanitary of water storage for future use.

Our group proposal of designing a rainwater harvesting system within Highbury Park would be highly beneficial not only for the Highbury Park community but also for Birmingham as a whole as it allows us to become more involved and aware of how important it is to sustain water. This method allows us to design, capture and store rain water within a landscape that aims to use natural resources at zero costs.

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