Highbury Park – Site Visit – Craig Rigby

The project I will be looking at for Co.Lab is the viewing platform for the Highbury park site. Highbury Park is a site which is full of potential but isn’t utilised enough by the public. The area in particular where we will be designing the viewing platform for is a large pond, which is almost hidden by planting and trees. My initial reaction to this area of the site was that it’s very diverse with plenty to explore and discover but at the back end of the pond, there is a large area of land which is very overgrown with trees and planting. This area of untouched land, for me, quickly became my target area which I would like to work with so that some sort of platform could be included in this area, allowing the public to observe and interact with this area of the site.

Over the next couple of weeks the group will work on our initial ideas, researching into the different areas that come with the project such as the history of the Park, a planting and wildlife profile of the site and also begin to explore ways in which a viewing platform can be introduced to the site which benefits and adds diversity to the site without destroying or interrupting the wildlife which is already there on the site.

Initial thoughts:

  • Site is full of potential
  • Allow the public to interact with more of the site
  • Enable the Public to observe the site without disrupting or destroying the wildlife
  • Connect the public with nature and wildlife
  • Enhance the landscape

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