Highbury Park – Luke Coe 2

Since we left christmas everyone in the viewing platform group has been working on finalising there individual designs to present to the group on the 30th January.
After reviewing the App I decided to change the colour scheme to more earthy complimenting tones rather than the grey style I had been using, it all just seems far more aesthetically pleasing.
Our first wednesday back was the 16th of January, we decided on appointing a group leader/manager to make sure tasks that where being set where actually being completed, it was decided I would be team leader, so I know have to manage 7 people as well as myself, which is going to be a task in itself let alone having to finalise my idea.

So I guess finally for this week we constructed a time table to stick to:
For the 30th January
• Create a final design to present to group.
• Evaluate all designs to get the basis for a initial idea for a group design.
By the 6th February
• each have a rough design for the final proposal
• start work on Final design and model
The 13th February
• Continue to work on Model and design
For the 20th February
• Have final design and model completed
• Start work on Presentation for MONDAY 4th MARCH
For the 27th February
• have all work reviewed and checked
• Present work

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