Highbury Park – Craig Rigby – 2

Before the Christmas break, all the Co.Lab groups took place in presentations where we discussed the progress of the project at that moment in time. For the presentation we had to compile a detailed profile of the site including the history of Highbury Park, Wildlife and Planting survey of the site and basic, scaled plans which will help us in the future design stages of the project. Presenting in front of the project leaders and other Co.Lab groups was a great opportunity to get an outsiders perspective of how they feel the project is leading and what the outcome of the project could be. One point that was raised was that we could look and further diverse into the history of the site and allow this history to help determine the direction of which the final design could lead to. This presentation, I personally feel, was a positive process as it enabled us to get feedback but also gain experience of presenting in front of a group of people.

Over the Christmas break it was time to start developing our individual design work for how each person saw the project heading in. I personally wanted to create a structure at the back end of the pond site as there’s an area of land which is very overgrown with wildlife allowing limited access for visitors to interact or explore the site. I want to allow visitors of the site to access this area with more control and ease so that they are open to observe the entirety of the site and not restrict them to just the pond area.

In this meeting with the whole group, we were able to put together a timetable of what works needs to be achieved and for when. This schedule is:
30th January:
• Finalise Design concept to present to the group.
6th February
• Present the New Final Design for the Viewing Platform which has been developed since given feedback from previous meeting with the group.
13th February
• Work on creating a finalised group design.
• Once the design has been achieved, Start on the Model of the Viewing Platform
20th February
• Have final design and model completed
• Start the work for the Final Presentation
For the 27th February
• Have the final presentation completed with all design, model and research work achieved
• Have a run through of the presentation with the whole group.
• Final Presentation Day
13th March
• Deadline for the Final Individual Report

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