Spatial Analysis & Initial Strategy


This week we presented our spatial analysis to the Stonehouse Gang leaders, along with several initial proposals for the re-programming of the spaces of the existing building. Proposals were based on observations made during visits to the building, to understand how the spaces are inhabited, as well as listening to the aspirations of the leaders and children who use the building. Simple colour coding has been used to visually demonstrate the proposed changes for discussion.

Fundamental changes include moving the kitchen to the front of the building to create an open and welcoming cafe space which could be opened to the wider community, as well as creating better surveillance of the building’s spaces and providing much needed equipment stores. Ways in which the proposals could be phased were also discussed.

Following a constructive discussion the principle of a new spatial arrangement was agreed and a more detailed proposal will now be developed for our next meeting with the Stonehouse Gang.

Existing Space Usage Proposal 1 Proposal 2


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