Social Mobilities: Into Architecture [1]

“There is nothing more tragic, than something having the ability or the talent, but not the support or opportunity to realise their potential”

– Rt. Hon. Pat McFadden


Social mobility is key to promoting a more meritocratic society, but how far is the school system effective in raising awareness of the role professions can play in improving opportunities?

We aim to demystify the boundaries that may exist which hinder social diversity within the profession of Architecture. To achieve this, we are to conduct a questionnaire which will be distributed amongst fee-paying schools, comprehensive schools, grammar schools and specialist colleges. The questions will probe the quality of careers advice, finding out about each individuals’ career aspirations and their perceptions of Architecture as a profession.

The survey was completed as a final draft yesterday, and can be accessed at the following link:

We aim to start collecting data this week, with several schools signed-up to participate (not necessarily the ones listed in the final draft questionnaire).

Survey data will be compiled and a written report produced for use by the university and the RIBA education committee.


What is everyone’s opinions on social mobility within the profession? Do any boundaries exist?

If anyone has anything they would like to share, please feel free to leave comments.



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